Facilitation regarding all aspects of foal, yearling, 2 yr old in training, and broodmare acquisitions.

Oracle Bloodstock can provide the greatest possibility of your achieving success at whichever level of the thoroughbred industry you choose to participate in. Information is an edge in any industry, and Oracle Bloodstock has formulated ways of utilizing information to provide its clients with exclusive advantages within the global thoroughbred market. These unique tools, combined with years of professional horsemanship gained through experience in North America, Europe, The Middle East, Australia and Asia provide Oracle Bloodstock clients the combination of an individual physical assessment of an equine athlete with how that individual should fit into the market of performance and value.

Stallion Acquisitions & Analysis

One of Oracle Bloodstock’s greatest strengths is mapping the market of stallions. Identifying attributes that are sustainable over years as well as identifying market barometers that will either aid or hinder the value of a stallion before purchase provides Oracle Bloodstock clients the unique assurance that they are either being guided to the safest parts of the stallion market  or are able to bring the stallion to a market in the world that yields the best possible return.

Arranging Nominations at Optimal Price Points

Oracle Bloodstock is always happy to attempt to negotiate the best possible price for our clients after they have decided upon their mating decisions.

Broodmare Mating Consultations

Rarely is there an obvious choice for which stallion to breed a mare to as there are multiple variables to consider. Oracle Bloodstock is able to utilize unique tools to help provide more information to breeders that allow for optimal choices for breeders to choose from in a flooded stallion market.

Bloodstock Valuations

Knowing the potential of an individual thoroughbred is paramount in planning a route of success. Oracle Bloodstock is unparalleled in the area of assessing the value and potential of our client’s equine holdings, and because of this advantage, our clients are able to plan accordingly to meet their goals for individual horses as well as understanding the revenue producing parts of their equine portfolio.

Racehorse Management & Valuations

For an owner to leave all racing decisions up to a trainer is one of the most common mistakes made in the thoroughbred business. Having a second opinion that is dedicated to the analysis of how and where an individual horse fits into a market can often be the difference between winning and losing. Oracle Bloodstock helps its clients indentify where each client’s racehorses have the greatest chance of success by formulating a plan that develops confidence as well as preparation for greater racing tests and rewards. Oracle Bloodstock has substantial and long-standing relationships with trainers, clockers and professional bettors all over the country and by utilizing several sources of sound information we help our clients know that each of their racehorses is on the best path for success.


Pinhooking is a unique word that is best described as a high risk, high reward equine investment. It is practiced through acquiring a horse (typically as a foal or yearling) either privately or through public auction with the intention of reselling that individual horse at a later date, typically at a predetermined sale. Oracle Bloodstock has an impressive record of return for clients in this segment of the market. Oracle Bloodstock is able to provide this service on either an individual basis for clients or through the formation of partnerships that allow multiple clients or investors to pool their money and spread some of the risk. There are very few investment opportunities that can produce the rate of return that Oracle Bloodstock has been able to provide when compared with other traditional forms of investment available in the financial markets. Our clients have repeatedly told us that they never had so much fun making money! We are always available to answer any questions regarding pinhooking opportunities. 

Market Analysis

Oracle Bloodstock clients are able to consult with Oracle Bloodstock agents in order to help plan their model of investment within the market. Knowing the right time to either sell or buy is typically the difference between success and failure in the thoroughbred business. In an industry that is affected by both government regulation and the impacts of the world financial markets, having Oracle Bloodstock as a guide in the thoroughbred industry allows our clients the best opportunity for where and how they choose to be successful. 

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